Payer Contracting Solutions

Payer Contracting Solutions

Payer Contracting Solutions

DNA Medical Consultants, LLC is here to support all your levels of contractual needs from beginning to end. Whether your organization is looking to start a partnership with a new payer or renegotiate terms of a current agreement, that deems more financial benefits, DNA is here for you. Supporting clients in the development and implementation of contracting strategies that emerge as the healthcare industry transitions from traditional fee for service to a value-based world. The contract management solutions offered are comprehensive and include some of the below;


  • Contract initiation
  • Contract execution
  • Contract analysis for financial growth
  • Contract negotiations including language revisions
  • Implementation of Value-Based Arrangements & programs
  • Review of contractual performance to ensure compliance and regulatory measures are being adhered
  • Assessment of contract language and reimbursement rates to evaluate if they meet current market contingencies 


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